Phase 3 – Expand Your Reach / Profitability

Take your Coffee Connection from a CORE group of 12 committed individuals and move to Level 2, the second generation or 12 + 144.

Case Study . . . Indiana Coffee Connection

Bruce Brankle and Teresa Lekan started a Coffee Connection with just the two of them. There were some weeks it was just the two of them. They didn’t give up. They didn’t quit, they just kept pressing forward and sticking with it week in and week out. They started to get six to eight on a weekly basis and then they contracted with E-VA’s (Executive Virtual Assistants) and Jillana Sauder’s E-VA company slid in and did some magical things and they jumped to 18.

One of the magical things that Jillana did was to bring in an outside speaker from the Illinois Coffee Connection and then promoted the speaker and 18 people showed up. Pam Martin, who owns a couple of companies used her BOS – Business Operating System, which was designed and built through her own personalized / customized ActionVision plan.

The following email is what was sent to the CORE leaders for the IN Coffee Connection. Do you see how, often based on different personalities, people are looking for different frequencies or to achieve things which require different frequencies. When you break your CORE 12 into 4 groups of 3 each and build them out based on frequencies, you’ll then have the ability to go to 12 + 144 and then 1,728 . . .

Every Coffee Connection Mastermind Member has shared “I have never experienced anything like this in my life.” Through the Coffee Connection Mastermind Group we will learn how to discover and live our life vision each and every day through the use of discover best practices from other members and systems which will get our businesses to run without us.

Teresa – “The Wizard Of Oz” where she will help behind the scenes to help / direct as needed to support the four frequency group leaders in building each one of your teams. ¬†ūüôā
  • Support each of the four Frequency Group Leaders.
  • Develop depth in each frequency group.
  • Assist members to know where to best fit.
  • Help to cast the vision for the group as a whole.


Bruce – “Cheerleader – HOPE” – This frequency is where so many people will tend to like to be and will start out.¬† Individuals who need encouragement, hope and those who have just broken through a new dimension will love this group.¬† If individuals do not think they can do something, this is the place to go to get hope, motivation and support.
  • Welcome individuals and get The Action Card Completed
  • Encourage people
  • Help them to see how great they are
  • Assist them discover their passion / vision circle
  • Help individuals list out all key people and sphere’s of influence
  • Assist individuals to know what they need to learn next
Kim –¬†“Teacher – KNOWLEDGE”¬†– Individuals have hope and are excited about what their potential is.¬† Individuals have discovered their Life Vision and desire to live their life vision each and every day.
  • Become concrete on what we need to learn.
  • Becoming a Leader Of Leaders –¬†Success Circle of 12
  • Understand BOS – Business Operating System
  • Determine what knowledge we need to acquire . . .
  • ¬† ¬†> DNA for PEOPLE
  • ¬† ¬†> DNA for BUSINESS
  • ¬† ¬†> DNA for LIFE
  • Integrity Leadership
  • Profitable Partnerships
Debby –¬†“Coach – SKILL”¬†– We have the knowledge . . . but something is holding us back.¬† Why don’t we do “What we know we should do?” ¬†Individuals are ready for this frequency when we are ready to change our lives, change the way we THINK, change the way SEE which will lead us to change what we DO.
  • 3 Elements To Frustration
  • Why different personalities get stuck and how to get unstuck – Just Stop / Do It!
  • Why we often need, but hate to be pushed
  • Learning to eliminate ALL the excuses
Pam – “Navy Seal – MASTERIES” – If we choose and are selected to go into this dimension, we do not need a cheerleader at this season in our life, we have the knowledge of what we need to do, we are doing so many things right and doing a great job . . . and we’re ready to be held to the highest standard which few people ever aspire to.¬† A Navy Seal does not make any excuses, is not even 1 minute late and will never say . . . “No one’s perfect.”
  • Learning how far we are willing to go to achieve and live our life vision
  • Helping individuals learn to be mentally tough
  • Mastering The Secret About Time
  • Mastering Dimensional Living / Thinking
  • Mastering Unlmited Bandwidth
  • Mastering the 3 DNA’s in BOS
  • Gaining Wisdom in Seasons in Life AND the importance of all frequencies
A Gift For You From Us . . . 
We would like to invite you to complete a short online survey which will take you three minutes to complete.¬† We would like to give you a gift 30 minute Strategy Session.¬† Please go into that session expecting that you’re business and life will be changed forever as it has for so many others.
You are invited to attend our Coffee Connection Mastermind group as our guest.  There is no cost.  If you are able to complete a 30 minute Gift Strategy Session before you attend, that would be ideal but not required.
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