Phase 2 – Building Your Group To Profitability

Video 1

To create massive profitability one needs to create a movement. Listen closely, take notes, get this video out to your CORE group of 12. If you are not using the Success Circle of 12 yourself personally AND then getting everyone who is or could be involved to also do so, then JUST DO IT NOW!

Video 2

What’s interesting . . . is that you probably will find that it will seem to you that people who attend your Coffee Connection and/or your Success Circle of 12 will have challenges / problems and it won’t seem like they really want to solve their problem. They will like to talk about it, they will procrastinate, talk about it, theorize, create distractions and a whole lot of other things.

Send out the url / link for this page to everyone in your group once they have viewed the three videos in Phase 1. The amount of time this video will save you, if you / others apply it will help you / everyone to earn a lot more money in a lot less time.

You can also think about “Just Do It!” as well, in helping people to take action.

What Do I Do When People Don’t Follow Through . . .

. . . “Welcome to the ‘World of Success.”  Ask yourself the following questions . . . .

“Do I follow through with what I say I’m going to do, or do I make excuses, give reasons why I don’t follow through?”

“Am I following the system precisely?”

“Am I directly connecting their follow through with helping them to solve their biggest challenge?”

“Am I connecting their Life Vision into helping them to see that we all must do things we don’t love doing in the SHORT TERM to put us into a position to do the things in the LONG TERM.”

If we find we’ve done all the above and we’re still struggling to personally follow through and/or others around us are struggling to follow through . . . the Video 3.  Video 3 may help to shock people into taking action rather than procrastinating and making it worse by coming up with excuses which other around us often buy into and accept, but the reality it that when we put things off even an hour . .. that often turns into weeks, then months, then years, the decades and we get to the end of our life and have a a life of regrets.

Video 3

Once we get 12 people committed to meet once a week for six months, through the Success Circle of 12 process, we can then take the group two a whole new dimension.

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