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Are we looking to earn a lot more money while working less? Do we know best how to do this?

To double our income and reduce the number of hours we work, in a way, it’s fairly easy. We need to learn to impact / bring more benefit to MORE people and do so in far less time than we are able to do so now. EASY to understand . . . HARD to do . . . UNLESS we use Coffee Connections to assist us.

Actually every Coffee Connection group which is started is designed to build Leaders of Leaders? What does that mean? It means that every Coffee Connection member is trained and mentored from Day 1 to start and lead their own Coffee Connection group.

It’s Easy . . .
It’s easy . . . all you need to do to start a group invite one person to meet with you for coffee. Yes,it’s that easy! The following three videos will help you start a group. You may send out the “Introduction” video to everyone you know and see how watches it and expresses interest . . . OR . . . you may just invite one, two or three people out for coffee and watch the “Introduction” video with them, get their input and then watch the “History / Overview” video and ask them if they would like to be a part of your core group in getting started. Yes . . . IT REALLY IS THAT EASY!


History / Overview

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Why are Coffee Connection groups so successful?
That’s a great question. There are so many reasons for success, it would be impossible to list all the reasons. The number one reason probably is we attract successful individuals like yourself and then give you a specific system and support to start and build your own group.

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We give you a proven system to follow a step by step process so you have the map and all the tools, resources and systems to insure your success. Would you agree that owning a McDonald’s franchise probably is a great way to be successful? Do we know why McDonald’s is so successful? It’s what is called a “formatted franchise.” You invest 1.06 to 1.90 million, on average, and they don’t even trust you to know how much salt to put on the french fries. 🙂

They have a system which is so rock solid that if you follow the system / Trust The Integrity Of
The System you’ll see success. Think of Coffee Connections as your own personal McDonald’s . . . without the 1.06 to 1.90 million dollar investment. 🙂

Speaking of investments . . .

What is the cost to start / join a Coffee Connection?
This is what is hardest for people to understand and get their heads around. There is no cost!

When people hear this they automatically say “Cool . . . Wait . . . What’s the Catch?”

There is no catch actually. The Legacy Partner Network helped to start Coffee Connections through Life Masteries Institute which is a non profit organization. Everything is provide at no cost with the expectation that we will be generous and will Pay It Forward.

If the Coffee Connection helps you to earn more money and to work less hours, we have experienced that people will be generous with their contributions.

There are three simple short online lessons you will go through to learn how easy it is to start your very own Coffee Connection mastermind group.

Can I Earn Money From Leading A Coffee Connection?
Of course we can! Why else would we start and lead a group? 🙂

You might say “How can I earn money if people are paying anything, if there are no costs?” That is a great question! There are so many ways you as a leader can earn money. Here are just a few.

  • Help more people, connect with more people, earn more money in what you’re doing currently to earn money.
  • Earn 25% from all that is contributed by those people you are leading.
  • Earn money as a result of training others in your groups to go out and start their own groups. Yes . . . we can earn residual income from all those who start groups from our group.
  • Earn money from the worldwide Coffee Connection network as a result of the massive networks, technology, media and other things as a result of building our own Coffee Connection group.
  • Do you SEE things differently than people around you? Learn to develop your very own IP – Intellectual Property, create workbooks and have them used throughout the entire network and earn a percentage of everyone in the networks generous contributions.
  • Develop Profitable Partnerships as result of the Coffee Connection network and partner together on all types of business ventures.

There are an unlimited number of ways we can earn money as a result of leading a Coffee Connection group. It’s only limited by our imagination and disciplines to follow through.

What will be taught or shared weekly?
Great question! There are a number of different types of resources you can use in leading your group and/or come up with your own curriculum. You’re the leader, it’s up to you. 🙂

Most leaders will start off with a Foundation Workbook titled “DNA for LIFE” workbook.

Now . . . we’ll even give you the Leaders Manual . . . IF . . . you promise NOT to get overwhelmed. Remember . . . “Don’t make things complex which are simple . . . and don’t simplify things that MUST be complex.” Actually, the Leaders manual is simple IF you take it one page at a time and use it as you are starting your group.

Remember, every member in your group, we’re working together to build them to where they can lead their own group, within weeks of being a part of your group. 🙂 You don’t have to know much more than those how are in your group and actually learning together, discovering cool things together is one of the magical pieces to the success of Coffee Connections.

You will be assigned a Coffee Connection Mentor who will answer any questions you will have. When you look the Leaders Manual, look at it from a big picture and SEE how amazing and magical the system is. Do you see the pain staking details and the deep thought that has gone into everything? Do you see the genius in how it blends big picture and the smallest details all together to create a Symphony Of Success for you as a leader and for each member of our group. This is NOT too good to be true! You can trust the integrity of the system!

This almost 150 page workbook will probably blow your mind. “No” you probably won’t want start out with this but it’s cool knowing that something so powerful is just waiting for your group to advance to the skills and disciplines to be able to use.

Discover My Life Vision
One of the first lessons in the foundation workbook is how to discover one’s Life Vision, why we were put on this planet. You can do this now or you can do it later, it’s really up to you. Once we discover our own Life Vision, through the unique thumb print of our passions, it’s like our entire life, the good, the bad, the ugly all comes into view.

Yes, we all will earn a lot of money from leading a group but we’ll earn that money in a very different way that we’ve probably ever earned it before. If you get the idea that in leading a group that we’ll learn and grow the most by leading . . . then we’re right.

If you get the feeling that this is so much more than earning more money and working less hours, then you would be correct again. We believe that you’ll find . . . as so many others have . . . that the more you know about Coffee Connections . . . the more you know you don’t know. 🙂

Have you ever discovered that the more generous you are financially that more financial benefit you receive? Others have found the more they GIVE financially, GAIN financially.

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