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Step 2 – Joining A Group | My Coffee Connection

Step 1, Complete The Action Card.  Step 2, Join A Group OR Start A Group. It would naturally seem a lot easier to join a group than starting one, but it’s actually so easy to start a group you may decide to do that.

NEW 1 Minute MVP Video For The Week

Coffee Connection Video Discussion
Every week we have a new video. Did you know that we all will earn more and work less when we all learn to LEVERAGE the 1 minute MVP library?

Discussion Points

  • Why is subject of video so powerful?
  • What email message do we use in our GTing IT?
  • How do we grow our CC group through media?
  • How can we use triangulation selling to lift one another up through 1 minute MVP videos?

Our Purpose
Assist each member to develop their own BOS ~ Business Operating system . . . empowering them, through systems and strategic partnerships . . . to earn more, work less, have less stress and improve our life balance.

How We Achieve Our Purpose . . .
We meet weekly in person for coffee and some of us meet over the phone and are intentional in building our individual BOS ~ business operating systems through the 3 DNA’s . . .


Who . . . DO YOU KNOW . . . who may be looking to ACCOMPLISH MORE while connecting with others?

Share this video with others and ask for their thoughts.


History / Overview

Next Steps

Networking vs. Mastermind Groups

In a networking group, I give you a fish, and you give me a fish… and we both walk away happy… but our lives… our businesses really haven’t changed. Most likely we still own a job rather than owning a company.

Coffee Connection mastermind groups are very different than anything we have ever experienced in the past. It’s all about helping business owners / leaders to develop very powerful and profitable systems which help our businesses to run without us… to help us all live our life vision… each and every day.

The most important system, we need to work on, to fine tune, to master is… “The System Within Me.” It’s learning how to THINK DIFFERENT… AND… HOW TO DO SO QUICKLY!

To THINK DIFFERENTLY ~ QUICKLY, we need to learn… LEVERAGE… “The magical arts of POSITIVE motivation and manipulation.” When we learn to LEVERAGE ourselves and others around us in a positive way… we fulfill our life vision… and the life vision of those around us as well.

Step 2 . . . Join OR Start A Group

Step 2 is to either Join A Group OR Start A Group. It would naturally seem a lot easier to join a group than starting one, but it’s actually so easy to start a group you may decide to do that.

There is a number of VIRTUAL Coffee Connection groups which meet throughout the week. We would love to invite you as our guest to attend.

Monday – 5:00 am (pt), 6:00 am (mt), 7:00 am (ct), 8:00 am (et)
Wednesday – 3:00 pm (pt), 4:00 pm (mt), 5:00 pm (ct), 6:00 pm (et)
Thursday – 8:00 am (pt), 9:00 am (mt), 10:00 am (ct), 11:00 am (et)
Saturday – 5:30 am (pt), 6:30 am (mt), 7:30 am (ct), 8:30 am (et)

712.775.7031 – Code: 688-592#
Webinar Access: www.RavingFan.net

End Of Every Coffee Connection
Ask everyone . . .
1. “Was today good for you and what did you learn?”
2. “What is the one word you would use to best describe today?”
3. “Will you promote Coffee Connection to your networks and share your numbers weekly on your efforts?”

After each Coffee Connection, we gather up key data each week from around the world and then bring that information together to discover best practices, what’s working best for everyone. Please assign one person to gather and report on this data each and every week.

Would we like to succeed sooner rather than later? Check out Step 3 while we’re attending one of the virtual Coffee Connection events and we’ll see how simple and easy it is to start our own Coffee Connection group.

Questions . . . Please call toll free 888.230.2300 or outside the US 630.393.9909

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