Cool / Profitable Videos

The following videos are great videos to promote those around you to join your group and inspire those in your group to reach out to those in their networks. NOTE: Feel free to shoot your own video and if you would like to have your video promoted all around the world :-), feel free to submit your video to for consideration.

Three minute video will give a great big picture overview. Send out to your entire network. Ask for their input and to have coffee with you.

Steve Casey shares how in one week he opened four amazing contacts. One: Connections to world leaders, their family, their children and all those they influence. Two: Key contact into one of the largest school distracts in the country and all those connections. Three: Helping a college to assist every student they have in the most amazing way. Four: Executive director for a chamber which will open doors to every chamber in the state and then throughout the country. What’s Steve secrets? Ask people their biggest challenge and then have them do

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