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Step 2 | My Coffee Connection

Step 2: Starting A Group Is Easy!

Wow, you’ve now self selected yourself to be a founder and/or one of the core members to a group.  Once we make a commitment to start a group it’s almost magical what happens.  We start to see opportunities and people seem to be attracted to us to do amazing things together.

  • The POWER of asking everyone we know their biggest challenge.
  • How to build a conceptual bridge between the biggest challenge and the new group.
  • The AMAZING complimentary 30 minute Strategy Session. www.TheActionCard.org
  • Average person on street knows 250 people, average business owner . . . 5,500+
  • Benefits to being a core member / leader
  •    – Access to tools and systems which will save you time.
  •    – Great way to build a powerful, profitable and massive network.
  •    – Learn and Earn all at the same time.
  •    – Attract the right type of clients and referral partners.
  •    – Learn to connect our gifts, talents and networks to others.
  •      . . . and SO MUCH MORE!

Pay It Forward . . .
Option 1
“I was just thinking about you the other day and was curious . . . ‘With all the things you’ve got going, what would you say your biggest challenge might be?”

Option 2
“I’m starting a NEW Coffee Connection and I was just curious . . . ‘With all the things you’ve got going what would you say your biggest challenge might be?  I don’t know if the Coffee Connection weekly mastermind group might help you with your biggest challenge, but it’s helping me to see how systems and a stronger network can help me to earn a lot more money while working less hours.   Let me know what your biggest challenge might be.”

Option 3
“Hey ___________, here is the second video in us starting our own Coffee Connection group.  Let me know what you think.”

Option 4
“Have you ever had challenges with follow through?   I know I did and ran across this most interesting postcard.  It’s called The Action Card .  It’s helped me and I think could help you.  Let me know what you think.  There are some most interesting questions.”  


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