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Are you one of THOSE people?

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7 minute training Q&A Discussion

Are you one of THOSE people?
One of those people that don’t follow through on what they say they’re gonna do.  How do you handle them? Big talkers…who come up with excuses to not to do what they say they will do? Who fail to do what they said they will do because they don’t follow through and are not reliable?
 Ly Smith, a successful entrepreneur,  shares her story of how she was one of THOSE people…and brought herself to the OTHER side! Listen in as we also discuss how to improve yourself like Ly did, ways to spot people like that faster and sooner, and how best to handle those types of people!

Lesson 1
Starting/Joining a Coffee Connection

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Lesson 1 Lesson 1 Q&A

Step 1:
“Hey…want to get together weekly and hang out?” – Can you find someone who would want to get together weekly? DONE! Step 1 is done…all you need is ONE other person to get started! You will continue to grow your group…but you only need a total of TWO people to get it started!

Step 2:
Once you find someone to start your Coffee Connection group with, the second step is location! Find somewhere…a restaurant/coffee shop/book store, etc where you can meet at the same place, same day, and same time every week! CONSISTENCY is KEY here!

Step 3:
There are a couple key things that you need to do to start off each Coffee Connection meeting…that takes just a few minutes…to follow the system and help keep the goal/purpose of the Coffee Connection!

Our Purpose1 Minute MVP Video LibraryAction Card

Step 4:
Listen as Ly Smith discusses how she also ENDS each Coffee Connection meeting that is quickly GROWING her weekly group!

ARRT White Paper

Lesson 2 ~ Wii-FM
“What’s In It For Me”

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Lesson 2 ~ Wii-FM
“What’s In It For Me”

Lesson 2 Lesson 2 Q&ABonus Session Do you every feel that, in groups,you give far more than you receive?

Coffee Connections mastermind group is unlike anything you haveevery experienced.

In Coffee Connection we all learn how to be selflessly selfish or we call it Wii-FM ~ What’s In It For Me?

It is actually the first white paper in Phase 1 ~ Becoming An Amazing Team Member. We recommend EVERY member read and manage Up/Out after each white paper.

One of the first things every new attendee must do is complete The Action Card.

PDF for The Action A copy of The ActionCard should then be photoed and text to: 630-649-4059 and 815-440-7998

Each attendee is then given what we call a Legacy Partners 30 minute Strategy Session (30 MSS)

There is a 3 minute online survey, which is The Action Card and then a most comprehensive survey which gives someone a more advanced 30 MSS.

Gift Strategy Session One of the best gifts you can give yourself and others in your group is becoming certified in Personality Masteries. Mark Boersma personally taught this amazing online course and shared that he learned so much from teaching the course.

Tom Kunz, past President of the largest real estate franchise in the world shared he had never experienced anything like going through the course.

Personality Certification Course To have most powerful and profitable Coffee Connection mastermind group, it’s probably becoming clear that EVERY member at some point, should go through each of these well thought out, planned and delivered lessons.

Lesson 3 – Action Steps
to Achieving my Wii-FM

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Lesson 3 – Action Steps to Achieving my Wii-FM
How do you start/join a successful Coffee Connection Mastermind group…and use it to achieve your Wii-FM (What’s In It For Me)?

First . . . Have you gone through the PREVIOUS lessons? If no . . . go back and start from the beginning!


Next . . . Just GET STARTED! Whether you want to start your own Coffee Connection Mastermind group . . . and be a valuable member to another one . . . just GET STARTED!!

If . . . We don’t think we have TIME . . . then . . . we need to take 10 minutes a day and become awakened to The Secret About Time. This will give us an abundance of time.

Now . . . Become clear on our Life Vision
and then break it down into goals that we need to achieve our Life Vision!  Then take one goal, and focus on the one ACTION that will get you to achieve that goal . . . zero in and focus on it and perfect it . . . keep repeating it and move on to the next goal!


Listen in as we discuss these other questions:


~ Balance between short term – working IN my business and long term – working ON my business!


~ Achieve life balance when life comes in and hits you!


~ How do we create healthy habits that are a REFLEX that we don’t even think about?


~ How do I evaluate if what I’m doing is working?


REMEMBER . . . is what we are being asked to do/doing in alignment with our goal/life vision?


Yes? – Find time to do it!

No? – Don’t do it and spend our time on other things that are in alignment with our goal/life vision!

NOTE: Want to develop your entire team? Discovery Learning has amazing resources designed to help entire teams to Think Differently and do so quickly. Another great resource is www.Life-GPS.org for helping to bring value to a lot of people, very quickly, in help them in a deep way.


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